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LiFaBriC Methodology

With the challenges faced in China from the geologically diverse subsurface environments, Greka Drilling has developed a completion technique that we refer to as LiFaBriC (Lined Faulted Brittle Coal).

LiFaBriC is an adaptation of the horizontal drilling method traditionally used for drilling in coal seam reservoirs and is designed to provide a precise and high quality completion technique.

Through rigorous pre-engineering of each well, engineers are able to use geo-steering techniques to gain a far greater surface area exposure to the coal seam, optimise exposure to natural cleating, penetrate permeability barriers and reduce overall time, risks and costs associated with traditional reservoir stimulation methods.

While a well can be designed to incorporate a multitude of subsurface design configurations, the LiFaBriC methodology is designed for two key elements. These elements are maximising exposure to a gas bearing formation and final intersection to a separate vertical offset well that is the extraction point for fluid and gas. This unique method allows for well flushing both before and during the life of a well, without the expensive and high risk practices of workover and re-entry associated with traditional horizontal "dead-end" wells.

LiFaBriC provides a reliable and economic solution to the development and commercialisation of CBM assets:

  • No requirement for aggressive stimulation
    • Fracturing and similar stimulation techniques can be expensive with high risk to clean water resources
  • Efficient land use
    • Small surface footprint
    • Less intrusive for existing land users
    • Large sub-surface exposure
  • Improved well life longevity
    • Greater exposure to the formation
    • Techniques which protect the formation
  • Safer drilling operation due to low pressure environment
  • Ease of workover
LiFaBriC Methodology